• Calendar of Events


    5th-13th Black Hills Bible Camp
    17th Summer Wrap - Up @ Griffins 5:30 - 9pm
    25th UNIGHT 7-9pm at building
    30th Friend Coffee Hour 3:30-5pm @ Classic Rock
  • Who We Are

    Meet the Livingstons!

    We can’t tell you how excited we are! Amanda and I are happy to be at Sunset and are thrilled to be a part of the CREW. We’re going to have some real adventures together so I hope you’re ready. And yes – bring your Bibles.

    Meet Jeff!

    Here is our fun loving Youth Elder who helps make this Youth Team complete. Jeff has made working with young people a career! He helps teach classes and chaperons trips, but more importantly he is here for you and here to help care for you too!